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(Not applicable to social club bookings)

Here are a few points to note when booking Shout for

private or corporate functions (e.g., weddings, parties, masonic ladies nights, etc).

This will help to ensure the smooth running of your function.


We appreciate that not all the points below may be possible;

we are always happy to discuss any concerns you may have.


- Ideally, Shout require a minimum floor area of 25ft width x 15ft depth.

To accomodate lighting stands and speakers a height clearance of at least 10-12ft is required. Please check with us if the above dimensions are not available so that alternate measures can be taken allowing us to 'tailor' our equipment accordingly.

- At least 1 x 13 amp power supply, sited at either side of the stage, is required (2 x 13 amp outlets in total minimum).

- The band will need at least an hour, depending on access, to set up and make sound-checks. Suitable car parking is required, with direct access to the venue.

If the ballroom/stage room is not on the ground floor, please make sure, where possible, that an adequate lift is made available for use by the band and their equipment.

- Stages vary greatly from one venue to another. In a marquee setting, an actual stage is not necessary though temporary staging (approx. 30cm/12in high) would enhance the view of the band from the audience side. If temporary staging is used, please ensure this is setup correctly and securely in order to provide maximum stability.

- Please liaise with your caterers and, if possible, ensure that no tables are set up within approximately 5-10ft of the stage area as there are several lighting stands and speakers etc to be set up in this vicinity.

- If the venue is a marquee, it would be advisable to make an arrangement for 'house' lighting to be blacked out over the stage / dance floor area during the performance. Not only will this enhance the lighting but, customarily, people are less likely to dance in an area that is too bright.


- The correct volume of music for any occasion is academic, with many differing opinions. For the music to be effective for dancing, it cannot be at a background level and must be reasonably substantial. Although we make every effort to accommodate guests wishes in this matter, this level will conflict with anyone in the immediate vicinity of the stage who wishes to talk. Of course, we will always turn down the volume if asked to do so.

- We are always happy to take special requests and will endeavour to play as many of the requested songs as possible, time allowing. If a particular song is not in our repertoire, we will try and play a song of a similar style/artist.

- Feel free to contact us prior to the date of a booking if you have any specific songs you would like Shout to perform. The more notice we have of any requests, the more we can prepare any songs that may not be in our current set.


- Please note that, for most functions (i.e., wedding, private party, masonic ladies night, dinner/dance, etc), we request food and soft drinks for the band members, appropriate parking for the vehicles if available and a suitable changing room. 'Food' can be a hot meal or access to the buffet, if any. Soft drinks are still and sparkling water, lemonade, coffee etc. (We drink little or no alcohol). If this is not possible we will need to be informed in order to be able to make arrangements with you for further provisions.

- Please also note, it is important that the musicians be fed properly, ideally prior to performing (though, if possible, not immediately before).

It is important for us and also for you, since you wish the band to deliver an energetic show, particularly after travelling and setting up. This also means the band do not need to leave the venue in order to find somewhere to eat, especially where the location is unfamiliar and/or away from eating places, etc.


Things for YOU to tell us when booking Shout.

(Don't worry if you don't have all this info for us straight away).

- a. When and where (venue and location)

- b. Type of event (wedding / birthday / corporate event / masonic ladies night etc)

- c. Duration of event (evening only, day and evening, etc)

- d. Size of the room/marquee and approximate number of guests.

- e. Contact persons name, phone number(s) and/or email address.

If you'd like to discuss any of the above or have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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